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List of New Year Kid’s Toy Collection- Ok Play

New Year Kid's Toy Collection

New Year & New Toy list for kids’- if you are searching for a New Year kid’s toy collection online, you are in the right place. OK Play, the best toy manufacturing company in India, has developed a new collection for your kids.

Celebrate New Year with our enchanting toy collection. It builds joy and wonder in every child. From innovative creations to learning toys for boys and girls, our assortment promises to spark imagination and create cherished memories in the New Year. Let’s explore the magic of play with our exclusive toy selection.

The Bucket List of New Year Kid’s Toy

To find the best quality indoor and outdoor toys online with the tag of ‘made in India’ is not difficult any more because OK Play is an Indian toy manufacturing company that produces different categories of children’s toys for different age groups with 25% off.

1. 3-In-1 Basketball For Kids

Introducing the OK Play 3 in 1 Basketball toy that perfectly adds to your child’s New Year gift toy. This innovative toy offers a fresh perspective on children’s playtime. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s about learning and interaction.

The creators behind OK Play understand that playing with toys should be more than just fun; it should be educational too. With this in mind, each product, including the 3 in 1 Basketball set, is meticulously designed to provide a balance of enjoyment and learning.

2. Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster is another innovative addition to your kid’s New Year’s toy collection. This sleek and stylish bike is designed for indoor and outdoor racing action and offers endless fun and excitement for your little one.

Not only does this fashionable bike provide thrilling racing experiences, but it also promotes essential arm-leg coordination, helping your child develop key motor skills while they play. With exhilarating edges and dynamic features, this racer bike guarantees unforgettable moments that will be cherished for years to come.

3. Coaster Car

This New Year, elevate your child’s collection with the Coaster Car Toy—a thrilling blend of fun, safety, and skill development that promises to be the highlight of every play session.

This coaster car is designed for skill-building and excitement. Picture your little ones gleefully cruising down the track, honing their gross motor skills as they push the car up onto the ground and floor. With each ride, they’ll refine their balance and hand-eye coordination, all while experiencing the sheer joy of motion.

4. Speedo – Red


Add the Speedo- Red three-wheeler push bike to your New Year collection for your adventurous child! With its superior stability compared to a traditional two-wheeler, this bike is the best toy for 2 years old child.  

Not only does it provide a safe riding experience, but it also aids in the development of coordination, balance, and gross motor skills. Whether indoors or outdoors, your child is guaranteed hours of fun with this versatile toy. So why wait? Make the Speedo three-wheeler push bike a part of your New Year festivities and watch your child’s excitement soar!

5.  3 In 1 Rocker, Climber And Table

The versatile 3-in-1 Multi-Functional toy is designed to keep your children happily engaged with its various features.

Firstly, it serves as a 4-kid sitting design bench, providing ample seating for your little ones and their friends. Whether they’re enjoying snacks, playing games, or simply chatting, this bench is the perfect spot for socializing.

But wait, there’s more! This bench effortlessly transforms into a picnic table, allowing your children to dine easily. Whether it’s a sunny afternoon in the backyard or a cozy indoor gathering, this picnic table is a practical and fun solution.

Final  Words

This New Year toy collection offers endless possibilities for children’s enjoyment and development. From versatile multi-function climbers to interactive games and creative activities, these kids toys provide hours of fun while promoting physical activity and imaginative play.

Make this New Year unforgettable with OK Play’s  kid’s toy collection!