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How Exactly Should You Maintain Your School Furniture

Schools are learning temples, with education being its religion. The school environment is not just made up of books and staff, but also the walls and furniture. Keeping the surroundings free of germ and grime is more important than ever for schools now. Cough and sneezes can become the reason for germ and virus deposits on furniture.

While it is impossible to keep everything completely clean and free from the germ, daily cleaning maintenance is key to keep the school clean. Computers and electronics might look clean on the surface but can be the perfect breeding ground for microscopic germs. Find school furniture online in India to check out simpler designs to keep them clean easy.

Following are some steps that can help maintain germ-free furniture:

Daily Disinfection

Daily inspection and disinfection would make sure that the school furniture is clean and can avoid the spread of virus and germ. School managers can look for school furniture online to find simple to maintain design that is easy to clean.

Systematic Cleaning

School furniture is unlike household furniture that can do without daily cleaning and dusting for once. School furniture requires systematic cleaning where every piece of furniture is thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed every day. Most of the furniture manufacturers suggest researching school furniture online in India.

Following are some simple rules and tricks to keep the maintenance of school furniture rolling.

  • Always wear and ask staff to wear protective gear before cleaning or supervising the cleaning every single time.
  • Vacuum and dust every school furniture’s surface
  • Always use disinfectants and cleaning supplies mild enough to not damage the finish or coating of the school furniture.
  • Keep the school’s windows open all the time to keep the air fresh and clean.
  • Always promote handwashing for at least 20 seconds throughout the school premises.
  • Do not forget to clean the storage, stores, doors, and windows.

Modern Cleaning Equipment

It can become a complex task to get the whole school furniture clean at once every day.

An effective way to get going with proper sanitisation is to use electric spray machines and powerful sprayers. The spray nozzles can also give the cleaning solution a positive static charge allowing the disinfectant particles to get stuck to the machine walls. Electrostatic sprayers are worth the investment. You can find suitable machines and furniture by looking for school furniture online shopping as they are extremely efficient, fast, and even use very less disinfectant than manual sprays.


Cleaning and maintaining the entire school campus after long lockdowns is a significantly big process. For once, it is best to entrust professional cleaners for the head up. However, school authorities can ensure cleaning and sanitisation are done the right way once the school gets back on track.

Check school furniture online in India to ensure that the current classroom furniture is best in hygiene and maintenance. It is wise to have any unfit furniture removed and replaced promptly. If you are looking for school furniture online in India, you can browse through the products on

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How can you make the most of a classroom?

A classroom is an area that promotes student-teacher communication and association. It is a place where a child starts his social, academic, and personal growth. These rooms with inspiring teachers, peers, and vast knowledge witness a child’s development throughout.

Another factor contributing to classroom experience is the kids school furniture, other infrastructure, and design of the classroom.

Below mentioned are few ways to design a smart classroom and create an incredible learning environment.

Feedback from Students

Students are the genuine judge to decide what helps them to focus at school. Get feedback from them. There should be few questions that need to be asked. What’s new in the room? What in this room supports learning? And what causes obstruction?

Natural Light

A classroom should have enough natural light to increase the productivity of the teacher and students.

Sufficient Place for Storage

Ensure that the staff and students are provided with sufficient storage facility in individual desks and tables.

School Furniture

Modification in classroom furniture is an effective decision to alter the classroom ambience completely. Kids school furniture has efficiently changed the teaching pattern. Mentioned below are few tips that can be incorporated to create a smart classroom using school furniture.

Mobile Furniture

To encourage a flexible and interactive environment so that students can work in groups, move around and learn freely, choose chairs and tables with lighter bodies and mobile legs.

Smart Teaching Boards

Use mobile boards that occupy less space and are available with storage bins.

Ergonomic Seating

Opt for chairs and desks that are on a good level with the seating and provides support and quality so that learning is not compromised. Such types of furniture avoid straining the kid’s physical health, like neck and back pain at a young age, by maintaining the correct posture.

Ergonomic chairs and desks increase the concentration and engagement of the students.

A Double-Seated Desk Is More Interactive

Double seated desks encourage rapport building and are more interactive.

Interactive Round Table

It is evident that students exposed to activities and interactions enhance their learning. It makes them open to different outlooks and solutions.

Storage Space

Various classroom elements like maps, stationery items, CDs can be locked away to provide a neat and organised classroom. Provide safety lockers to store expensive items.

Optimum Space Usage

Make optimum usage of the classroom space by introducing chairs with writing pads, attached chairs and desks, moulded furniture, and wall cabinets.

Multiple Boards

For carrying out simultaneous displays and discussions separated from each other, the school furniture manufacturer has introduced a mobile marker board with multiple smaller removable boards.


It is a source of practical and experimental knowledge. School furniture manufacturers make sure to provide spacious, sturdy, and safe furniture coated with non-toxic epoxy paints. They are usually waterproof and chemical resistant.

Therefore, the classroom has evolved as colossal, transforming from being a static physical space to an attractive, energetic, interactive, and lively environment.

Space for Books

Opts for low height shelves to store books and other reading material so that the process becomes hassle- free for students of different heights. It also occupies less space.


All the ways mentioned above, especially the modification with kids’ school furniture, will make the learning enjoyable, safe and simpler, thereby creating a smart classroom that helps create smart minds. There are several school furniture manufacturers in India, and among the top, you will find OK Play has excelled the list with their contemporary designs & innovative ideas.

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How Ergonomics Matter for School Furniture Brands in India

Comfort and functionality while studying inside a classroom allows a student to practice undivided attention and enhanced learning. The physical comfort of students inside a classroom is seldom discussed or pondered upon generally. Most people still contemplate thinking about student’s comfort leave alone doing something about the ergonomic furniture.

School furniture brands in India make significant changes in the scenario by introducing much better and ergonomic classroom furniture. It is still amusing that how come schools do not account for the comfort of their students. Children spend as much as 9 hours studying in their classrooms on their desks. Most of the students sit on desks and chairs that are not suitable for their height and weight.

Why Ergonomics Matter?

Ergonomics is a dynamic field that accounts for keeping physical comfort priority over anything else. To understand the importance of ergonomic design, consider a classroom of kids, for example. All children will have different heights and weights because of different physical growth. Therefore, the same size of furniture cannot possibly be right for all of them. School furniture brands in India have now are coming up with more well-designed furniture.

Two critical reasons why people generally ignore ergonomic design while choosing furniture are price and durability. Everyone is well aware that classroom furniture can play a very supportive and helpful role in keeping students’ posture excellent. Schools often opt for furniture that comes in their budget and is often sturdier than being functional.

School furniture should allow the children to have a good posture with feet firmly placed on the floor and straight arched back. Failure to achieve this posture can result in body pain, which can distract them from concentrating in the classroom. Thinking beyond the still-sitting learning can improve the learning and engagement of students.

The Functionality of Ergonomic Furniture

It must be clear that ergonomics is critical for good posture, but flexibility is also required. With changing times, students should have furniture that evolves according to their varied needs. In current times, when students would like to study in an active learning environment, flexibility is quite important. It entails the furniture should be portable and user-friendly. Students of all ages should be able to move the furniture around easily.

Unlike earlier times, where students and teachers had only a static mode of learning, today’s dynamics have changed for the better. In today’s age where students have exposure to dynamic learning means like iPads and phones, it is crucial to give them flexible furniture. Schools and institutions should consider opting for customised furniture solutions for students overall learning exposure.


School furniture can enhance the learning environment in ways not known before. Think of student’s posture as an opportunity to increase their concentration. Most of the school furniture brands in India can tell you for the fact that more and more schools are opting for ergonomic furniture for their schools. It is not just about the price and how durable the furniture is, but more about the functional ergonomics of furniture. You can browse through for the best school furniture brands in India.

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How School Furniture Influence Students Physical Responses & Performance

Just like the right mattress makes us sleep better, every piece of furniture has its utility and comfort. Same way, school furniture plays a remarkable role in enhancing our learning. With the current advancement in technology and innovative designing, you can see some exceptional school furniture online.

How Furniture Influence Learning

Everything is for something specific, like a chair is built to sit on it. But a particular design is prominently for discrete use. For example, take a rocking chair; the benefit is lounging comfort. Similarly, having
appropriate furniture for school can enhance posture while using. The comfort and support can influence student’s physical responses and performance.

Importance Of School Furniture

School furniture is made to last and not for being comfortable, feature-rich, and user-friendly. Choose to improve the situation with new furniture options designed, especially for students and schools.
However, it is more crucial to understand the benefits of using school furniture in the first place. Find out more about what all furniture brings as benefits for the school.

Comfort & Rest

If you can recall your school furniture, you can relate to that being uncomfortable and heavier. It is no secret that school furniture was never comfortable in the past times. Yet, times are changing, and we see better furniture and infrastructure focusing on students. Having comfortable furniture can improve student abilities and learn.
Students are not the same physically, then how can the same furniture be right for them. Having an uncomfortable chair can cause consistent back-pain to students. Having adjustable-furniture allows students with more comfort and better concentration opportunity.

Physical Support

Be it classroom or any other office furniture, ergonomic furniture is essential for proper support and comfort. Ergonomic furniture supports natural rhythm and varying postures of the body’s natural movement. Having the thought of ergonomic principles before choosing school furniture can help students become more focused and comfortable.

Versatile Function

Of course, the furniture should be comfortable and be ergonomic in design. But the active-nature of school functions and environment requires compatible school furniture. Invest in functional designs that are possible for use indoors and outdoors.

Colourful & Creative Designs

School furniture should not always be boring and all grey. Colours add life to mundane life. Especially for young kids, having an eye-catchy design with different shapes and colours is a must. Choose joyful, safe, and beautifully designed furniture for kids.

Less Maintenance

It is not enough for having a beautiful looking kid’s furniture and toys as they should be easy to maintain. The lightweight design of school furniture presents numerous benefits in the long term if using durable and maintenance-free designs. Maintenance-free designs are easy to upkeep and are long-lasting.


Every student has their style for studying, sitting, playing, and so on. Therefore, the furniture for them should also enhance their learning journey with the school. Innovative school furniture is also easily accessible now; search for school furniture online in India to know more. Make sure to research and get feedback from students and teachers for deciding on the right furniture. You can simply check out the school furniture online on, where you will find a range of modern designs.

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The Evolution and Importance of Classroom Furniture

A decade ago, who would have thought the classroom ergonomics would change the learning environment drastically. With the induction of savvy technology and its fancy tricks in the classroom, learning has become more engaging and productive.

Classroom furniture and learning space has also evolved over the years. Today, many school furniture manufacturers in India have contributed to the development of classroom learning.

Let’s talk about the changes and influence of furniture in the teaching and learning environment of a classroom.

Evolution Of Classroom Furniture 

Growing from the staple desks and chairs of the 1900s, classroom furniture took an influential development leap. The linear method standing in the front and the students gazing at the blackboard has been modified into something more exciting and interactive.

As the schools updated their curriculum and pedagogy, the seating arrangement also changed. From the heavy, one-size-fits-all desks and chairs, school furniture evolved to lightweight, durable, and adjustable ergonomics.

And what’s more for evolution, you can buy school furniture online well-suited according to your requirement.

Importance Of Classroom Furniture


As kids grow, their body gets adapted to the posture they are usually in. The conventional wooden benches and desks are not suitable for every kid with a different height or body built.

Spending 6-8 hours sitting on a bench like that can hamper the body structure growth. An adjustable combination of a desk and bench can help the kid concentrate on the learning instead of being distracted and frustrated by the uncomfortable seating.

Interactive Environment

With portable desks and chairs, a simple classroom can be converted into a flexible, interactive, and collaborative learning environment. School furniture has a huge role to play in the functionality of the classrooms.

With the importance of soft-skill on the rise, the traditional teaching method has to be re-modelled with the help of every possible tool available at hand.

Arranging the furniture that increases the communication between the teacher and students is a great idea, to begin with.


To break away from the mundane set-up, new colourful single desks, cute chairs, stylish dual desks, and beautifully designed tables, always attract the kids when they enter the classroom.

They are quick to respond to the novelty in the classroom. And thanks to the novelty that helps them enjoy their learning.

School furniture has a significant share of the motto of learning with fun.

Decentralise Learning

When you browse for school furniture online, you will see many desks and chair assemblies that promote group learning among the kids. Moreover, with such lucrative set-ups, the teacher can also give attention to every kid in the classroom.

The time of ‘teacher in the front’ is fading away. School furniture has been a crucial parameter in this evolution.


The importance of school furniture is often neglected. But when it is put in motion, you can see a positive shift in the classroom environment.

Many school furniture manufacturers in India have come up with fascinating transformable classroom furniture. You can see more of them with high-quality assurance on

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Why do Children Consider Schools their Enemy?

Remember the time you were a student and hated going to school? The time has certainly changed today but has it changed enough for the children today to not make excuses for skipping school? The answer is no! Ask any teen, and they will tell you how much they disdain their schooling experience and can’t wait to get out of it.

The problem is a more significant issue with kids of younger age. Why is that? Why are even the most technologically advanced schooling systems unable to sprout the interests of children towards them? These are some prevailing questions that need to be answered.

Restrictions on Action

Has your kid ever tried making an excuse to miss school because he doesn’t like it there?  Well, one reason for that could be the restriction. Teachers often expect the students to repeat whatever they teach and don’t appreciate their personal opinions.

A strict environment like this would suffocate a child and make the school compound look like a prison. If a child is not allowed to do the things they like, they would naturally start hating school. The schools should strive to become more flexible and include little fun elements in teaching.

Restricted Movement

Schools usually fill their compact spaces with unnecessary, outdated equipment and do not offer sufficient space for students to play. The big and bulky wooden desks are not only unappealing but also dangerous. Try accommodating more child-friendly, safe school furniture in the compound.

Nowadays, there are a lot of creative options available online which would catch the child’s attention and award comfort. Contact well-known school furniture suppliers to explore more options and install the most suitable pieces in the classrooms and premises.

Performance Pressure

One of the most common frights every student has is his performance. Through decades we have tried to evaluate a child’s potential by the marks he obtains in exams. Well, this needs to stop. Every kid is unique in his way, and you have to support his goals, even if they don’t match yours.


Bullying is a significant reason why children encounter early-age depression and anxiety issues. It not only affects a child physically but also has adverse, long-lasting mental effects. Talking to your wards about their day daily can help you understand the circumstances they are going through. Don’t be imposing; instead, try to have a comfortable and light conversation touching every aspect of their school and social life.

Ineffective Learning Methods

Traditional methods of teaching and learning are outdated. With so many distractions functioning, you can’t expect a child to focus on school and academics. He will always want to escape and explore more exciting stuff. So why not make the learning enjoyable? Incorporate new and advanced technologies into learning and attract their fragile minds. Including digital gadgets in regular studies could be a good move.


Yes, your child might feel lonely in school. As a parent, you might think that a school is a place that provides a million opportunities to your ward for socialising and building friendship, but you might be wrong. A child as perfect as yours can have a lack of friends due to which he is always reluctant to attend schools. The best way to know about any such possibility is through communication.


The discussion doesn’t end here. Ultimately, it’s the efforts of the school and parents which can bring a change in the minds of young ones and create a favorable learning environment for them. One way to do this is by installing creative equipment on the school premises. You can visit to get good quality school furniture and creative toys or try finding the best school furniture suppliers in your area. Contact us to get more details for any further queries.

How Can Toys Increase Your Child’s Creativity?

Children often spend the initial years of their life learning things from their observations and surroundings. Often, the toys around them help develop and improve many skills like motor skills, problem-solving, conflict resolution. Playing with others helps them learn the values of sharing and compromise. Creativity is another skill that is important and can be developed in children from a very young age.

Creativity has been defined as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. It is not an inborn skill but can be nurtured and developed. Since your child is a toddler, they tend to explore their imagination and use their creativity, especially during their playtime. Toys for kids help them bring out their imagination and give them chances to improve their creativity, which can help them in different spheres of life, from education to hobbies as they grow up. Here are some factors to consider when you buy toys for your children: 

Building toys
Toys like building blocks, playdough, easels to draw or write and more that have an open-end and give the children an opportunity to use their imagination and create, using their mind.

Toys that can be customised, moulded or changed, provide children with the freedom to explore their imagination and create something. These toys can help them inculcate an idea and interest in design too. Our Funny Bunny Links and Geometrical Genious are fine examples of such toys.

Often, when toys don’t have a theme or a proper structure, it leads to the children creating their own rules and improvising and creating a fun game out of it, which involves using their imagination, like our Joy Links and Create a Shape setting standards for fair play.

Pretend Play
The most fun kind of playing, kids often tend to create their own stories and games with puppets, dolls, pets and more. Pretend play generally involves a few toys, around which a whole game or story is developed, using the child’s imagination. Expand your child’s imagination with our range of pet toys like My Pet Elephant, My Pet Hippo and My Pet Giraffe.

As long as the toys you choose help your kids have a great time while imparting important lessons in life, you know you are making sure your child keeps learning and growing with every activity they do. OK Play Toys, one of the leading toy manufacturers in India has a range of toys for toddlers and children of different ages, each of them with some learning skills along with a great deal of fun. Visit and choose from the best of toys, made from the best quality plastic for your little ones and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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Improving Your Child’s Virtual School Experience

The world is adjusting in these uncertain times that 2020 has introduced us to. While there has been a massive shift in all walks of life, education took a back seat for a while too. Kids of all ages, across the world, are experiencing this iconic form of learning and development.  Teaching your children at home is an extremely challenging yet rewarding experience. What is essential to this whole process is creating a space for your kids that serves as the perfect backdrop for them to concentrate. We, at OK Play Toys India, specialise in designing and creating school furniture for your little toddlers that foster growth via vibrant designs and colours.

We took time to rethink and design special furniture for kids who are virtually connected to learning but need an environment for the experiential learning. The ideal way to deliver an outstanding education for your children is by fostering an environment that promotes learning. Here are a few ways you can excel at homeschooling your kids:

1.  The Perfect School Space with our Wooden Series 

It is very easy for kids to get lazy when they end up attending classes online from their beds. While this may be an extremely comfortable space for your kids, it is essential to create a conducive space for learning. Creating a dedicated learning space can make it easier for children to concentrate on schoolwork. Our wooden series is specially designed to suit any space and transform the same into a classroom. Leaf themed tables to wooden dual desks, these fit perfectly to get your kid concentrate.  

2.  Add a personalised touch with Cute Chairs 

Even though kids are adjusting to this new climate, it is important to pay attention to the details. Among the long list of things, ensuring that the windows allow natural light into the room is an important one. While kids may not want to sit in chairs all day, the best is to personalise those chairs with their favourite objects. Our cute chairs series include clouds, castle, dino & robo themed chairs, perfect to get your kids’ motivations up.

3.  Make the space fun with our Collaborative Series

Making the space inviting is another fun thing that you can do to make your kids learn better. Companionship is key to any kid’s learning experience and while people are staying afar, you can be the friend that they need. If you have more than one kid in the house, our collaborative series is for you. Specially crafted in varied colours and different structures, our series is rich with sturdy frames. 

4.  Don’t Forget the Play Area 

Don’t forget to create an area where they can relax and chill as a part of their break time. With little bikes, sports and other games available on our website, create a space to encourage activity and movement. Afterall, all work no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Make the learning experience as near to a classroom as possible with exclusive school furniture series by OK Play Toys India. Visit our to know more about our wide range of products.