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Why do Children Consider Schools their Enemy?

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Remember the time you were a student and hated going to school? The time has certainly changed today but has it changed enough for the children today to not make excuses for skipping school? The answer is no! Ask any teen, and they will tell you how much they disdain their schooling experience and can’t wait to get out of it.

The problem is a more significant issue with kids of younger age. Why is that? Why are even the most technologically advanced schooling systems unable to sprout the interests of children towards them? These are some prevailing questions that need to be answered.

Restrictions on Action

Has your kid ever tried making an excuse to miss school because he doesn’t like it there?  Well, one reason for that could be the restriction. Teachers often expect the students to repeat whatever they teach and don’t appreciate their personal opinions.

A strict environment like this would suffocate a child and make the school compound look like a prison. If a child is not allowed to do the things they like, they would naturally start hating school. The schools should strive to become more flexible and include little fun elements in teaching.

Restricted Movement

Schools usually fill their compact spaces with unnecessary, outdated equipment and do not offer sufficient space for students to play. The big and bulky wooden desks are not only unappealing but also dangerous. Try accommodating more child-friendly, safe school furniture in the compound.

Nowadays, there are a lot of creative options available online which would catch the child’s attention and award comfort. Contact well-known school furniture suppliers to explore more options and install the most suitable pieces in the classrooms and premises.

Performance Pressure

One of the most common frights every student has is his performance. Through decades we have tried to evaluate a child’s potential by the marks he obtains in exams. Well, this needs to stop. Every kid is unique in his way, and you have to support his goals, even if they don’t match yours.


Bullying is a significant reason why children encounter early-age depression and anxiety issues. It not only affects a child physically but also has adverse, long-lasting mental effects. Talking to your wards about their day daily can help you understand the circumstances they are going through. Don’t be imposing; instead, try to have a comfortable and light conversation touching every aspect of their school and social life.

Ineffective Learning Methods

Traditional methods of teaching and learning are outdated. With so many distractions functioning, you can’t expect a child to focus on school and academics. He will always want to escape and explore more exciting stuff. So why not make the learning enjoyable? Incorporate new and advanced technologies into learning and attract their fragile minds. Including digital gadgets in regular studies could be a good move.


Yes, your child might feel lonely in school. As a parent, you might think that a school is a place that provides a million opportunities to your ward for socialising and building friendship, but you might be wrong. A child as perfect as yours can have a lack of friends due to which he is always reluctant to attend schools. The best way to know about any such possibility is through communication.


The discussion doesn’t end here. Ultimately, it’s the efforts of the school and parents which can bring a change in the minds of young ones and create a favorable learning environment for them. One way to do this is by installing creative equipment on the school premises. You can visit to get good quality school furniture and creative toys or try finding the best school furniture suppliers in your area. Contact us to get more details for any further queries.