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Top Developmental Benefits of Outdoor Playground Equipment

It’s hard to think of a more exciting activity than going to a playground during your childhood. The moment parents let go of your hand, you would run like a shot and grab the best swing for yourself. Children get opportunities to practice a range of emotional, mental, social, and physical skills in the playground. Apart from merely being ‘fun’, playing outside builds positive associations between being active and fun.

Types of equipment in the playground like swinging, sliding, and climbing are not only “just fun”, but also help in the development of individual body systems. Along with building core strength, children learn fine motor skills with specific movements. It makes them more aware of their surroundings while enhancing the sensory system and the vestibular system.

The outdoor playground equipment manufacturers provide you with the best that leads to the development of more skills required to change, impact, and engage the world around them. Below are some of the examples.

1 – Sensory Play

Sensory in itself hides the word “senses”. These panels help children to develop their senses by self-led exploration. It invites children to play with each other and offer multiple ways to learn emotional, social, and language skills.

2 – Music

A child can combine individual sounds with his friend playing on the ground and explore the power of rhythm. The subtle shifts in tone will lead to the development of hearing sensation.

3 – Tactile

With various tactile inputs, children can gather information from the world around them and organise it effectively. It provides them with more opportunities and leads to more cooperative play.

4 – Swinging

Swinging is a back-and-forth movement where children learn how much effort they need to increase or decrease their speed and how their bodies move in space. A child’s nervous system builds up with a wealth of visual, proprioceptive, and vestibular stimulation.

5 – Spinning

Multi-dimensional movements supply complex vestibular and valuable information to the child’s brain. They can be rotating or spinning, both of which offer various opportunities for group interaction as well. While playing, children learn to balance and maintain proper body posture. Spinning helps to build a connection between input from head and body position in space.

6 – Sliding

Including vestibular, proprioception, and tactile, sliding integrates multiple senses. Horizontal rolling challenges upper body strength by allowing children to slide back and forth on all sides.

7 – Social Interaction

Whether it’s a single child playing or a group of two to three children, they find spaces for an exciting adventure. In this way, the playground equipment provides various levels of social interaction.

Different Play Types Impact Development

The environment in the playground leads to the development of social, cognitive, and physical skills. How children play, and their pattern strengthens their senses. Like the climbers, overhead ladders attract the children and make it easier for them to indulge independently in the play.

Apart from these, creativity, collaboration, cooperation, persistence, etc. are skills supported by play patterns. Children also try to copy their older ones and perform the same tasks as they do. So, these mixed-age interactions develop the social skills on the playground.

A variety of playground equipment is necessary to encourage an assortment of play behaviour. Find the best outdoor playground equipment supplier while selecting the appropriate equipment for kids. To browse through the best playground equipment, you can visit

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Reasons for Introducing Sports to Kids in their School Curriculum

Following the famous adage, sports and play should always accompany work to avoid making your kid dull. The beauty of sports not only lies in the way it is played but also stays in the development of a kid.

Many schools have started adopting this notion, and sports have been added to the school curriculum. For the kids of tender age, school playground equipment helps to develop the love for the sports for the long term.

Let us understand the importance of sports for kids in school:

Mind Development

Let’s begin with the mind. When a kid goes to school, the colourful surroundings and attractive playground equipment grabs their attention. A kid loves to explore the colourful journey through the castle or meadow slides and lovely swings. Generally, this boosts the attention, creativity, and imagination in the kid.


The kid tends to socialize more on the playground rather than in a classroom. Sports allows the kids to interact with each other and develop conversational skills. Usually, this is the place where friendships are formed. Sports in schools develop the feeling of togetherness among the kids.

Team Spirit

This remains the most critical factor to include sports in the school curriculum. Introducing kids to the playground equipment and associated games helps them figure out the importance of team building. They learn to respect and obey rules, which are also required in other facets of school life.

Best Self-Version

Sports induce morals and values among the kids through fair play. They learn about competitions, success, and learning from the failures. They try to become the best version of themselves every time they play. The sportsmanship, eventually, percolates in their behaviour.

Analytical Ability

Introducing sport in the school curriculum increases the analytical and problem-solving ability among the kids. For instance, a kid may not figure out the giant structure of a castle slide. The kid will analyze the ways and finally figure out the way to climb and slide!


Indulging in sports increases the endorphins levels. Kids enjoy the essence of the sports whole-heartedly, and it helps them to perform better in other classroom activities. It imparts a sense of confidence in the kids to perform better in school and improves emotional fitness.


Today, fitness among the kids remains unattended. Kids surround themselves more with digital gadgets rather than people. Further, this has been hampering the physical development of the kids for a long time. It is, thus, necessary for the school to include sports in their curriculum to ensure proper fitness among the kids.

Time Management

Kids eventually figure out how much time they want to spend on sports. They learn discipline as an undivided part of the sports. This attribute not only helps them in sports but also in their studies. A kid learns to divide the time between the swing and slide.


The reasons to include sports in the school curriculum are vast. Many schools have playground equipment installed to develop the love for sports among the kids. The equipment helps them to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. One of the best toy companies in the country establishes this fact with their indoor and outdoor play equipment. To know more and look at the best products, you can follow

Toy Manufacturers in India: Make your Kid’s Learning Process a Thrilling Experience

Effective Ways to Make Your Kid’s Learning Process a Thrilling Experience

Children have an innate curiosity in them. If nurtured well, curiosity can bring about a lot of marvelous experiences. They explore the world with things around them.

As the kid grows, the learning methodology changes, and so does the space for exploration. To ensure the transition, it is essential to instil a fun learning process in the kids, while their curiosity is at the peak. Let’s look at some effective ways to make their learning experience a thrilling one.

Interest & Passion

Participate in their curiosity. Ask them what are they reading, playing, scribbling, and learning. Take them outdoors to witness more of the world through zoos, museums, theatres, libraries, etc., to help them navigate their interests.

First-Hand Experience

When your child is learning the alphabet, try to get them a hands-on experience on the objects they study. For example, when A becomes Apple or Airplane, show the kids what an apple or airplane looks like. If they are learning about fish, take them to the aquarium to enhance their learning process.

Educational Toys

Toys are one of the first things that the kids enjoy exploring in the world. Toys are crucial for a kid’s development. Educational toys are made to increase the learning capabilities of the kid along with sparking a great deal of fun while learning. They increase problem-solving capabilities, creativity, and overall development in the kid.

Educational toys like easels, magic gears, building blocks, pacer, encourage kids to involve more in the learning process. The do-it-yourself methodology helps the kids to satiate their curiosity by engaging and learning with the educational toys.

The toy brands primarily design the toys to impart fun as well as add an educational value to them. Moreover, they make the toys keeping in mind the age group and ease of playing.


In an extension of the educational toys’ application, you can also draw up some interesting indoor and outdoor games for the kids. For example, you can use easels for Pictionary. Scavenger hunts, tiny bowling alley, junior striker, etc. are some games that the kids would like to indulge in.

Let them play with clays to make and mould particular objects and figures. This activity gives the kids enough room for imagination, experiment, and learning through play.

Learning is a multi-directional process. Apart from the indoor games, the outdoor games imbibe the understanding of team building and conflict resolution in kids.

Learning Styles

The three prime learning styles are kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. Understand the unique learning style of the kid and modulate the learning process accordingly.

For example, if the kids love to learn through visuals, make the learning process fun by showing them some interesting yet educational videos.

The ways to relay learning is unlimited. And toys are a great source of ‘learning with fun’ among the kids. The creativity and knowledge involved in it are rewarding for the child’s overall development.

OK Play India is one of the leading toy manufacturers in India, understands the concept. Hence, it took an entirely productive outlook to make the learning process among the kids fun and impart the positive value of the learning process. To browse through our collection of toys, visit

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Why do Children Consider Schools their Enemy?

Remember the time you were a student and hated going to school? The time has certainly changed today but has it changed enough for the children today to not make excuses for skipping school? The answer is no! Ask any teen, and they will tell you how much they disdain their schooling experience and can’t wait to get out of it.

The problem is a more significant issue with kids of younger age. Why is that? Why are even the most technologically advanced schooling systems unable to sprout the interests of children towards them? These are some prevailing questions that need to be answered.

Restrictions on Action

Has your kid ever tried making an excuse to miss school because he doesn’t like it there?  Well, one reason for that could be the restriction. Teachers often expect the students to repeat whatever they teach and don’t appreciate their personal opinions.

A strict environment like this would suffocate a child and make the school compound look like a prison. If a child is not allowed to do the things they like, they would naturally start hating school. The schools should strive to become more flexible and include little fun elements in teaching.

Restricted Movement

Schools usually fill their compact spaces with unnecessary, outdated equipment and do not offer sufficient space for students to play. The big and bulky wooden desks are not only unappealing but also dangerous. Try accommodating more child-friendly, safe school furniture in the compound.

Nowadays, there are a lot of creative options available online which would catch the child’s attention and award comfort. Contact well-known school furniture suppliers to explore more options and install the most suitable pieces in the classrooms and premises.

Performance Pressure

One of the most common frights every student has is his performance. Through decades we have tried to evaluate a child’s potential by the marks he obtains in exams. Well, this needs to stop. Every kid is unique in his way, and you have to support his goals, even if they don’t match yours.


Bullying is a significant reason why children encounter early-age depression and anxiety issues. It not only affects a child physically but also has adverse, long-lasting mental effects. Talking to your wards about their day daily can help you understand the circumstances they are going through. Don’t be imposing; instead, try to have a comfortable and light conversation touching every aspect of their school and social life.

Ineffective Learning Methods

Traditional methods of teaching and learning are outdated. With so many distractions functioning, you can’t expect a child to focus on school and academics. He will always want to escape and explore more exciting stuff. So why not make the learning enjoyable? Incorporate new and advanced technologies into learning and attract their fragile minds. Including digital gadgets in regular studies could be a good move.


Yes, your child might feel lonely in school. As a parent, you might think that a school is a place that provides a million opportunities to your ward for socialising and building friendship, but you might be wrong. A child as perfect as yours can have a lack of friends due to which he is always reluctant to attend schools. The best way to know about any such possibility is through communication.


The discussion doesn’t end here. Ultimately, it’s the efforts of the school and parents which can bring a change in the minds of young ones and create a favorable learning environment for them. One way to do this is by installing creative equipment on the school premises. You can visit to get good quality school furniture and creative toys or try finding the best school furniture suppliers in your area. Contact us to get more details for any further queries.

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How Outdoor Play is Essential for Healthy development in Young Kids

Obesity in young kids is becoming prevalent today. The technological advancements are in one way making our lives easier but in the other way turning us into couch potatoes. Children nowadays learn how to use mobile phones much earlier than the alphabet. If you dig deep, you will realise how disconnected an ordinary child is from nature. They don’t appreciate sports, lacks social skills and are prone to anxiety in the later stages of his life.

Outdoor play can be advantageous in many ways, not only for physical development but also for mental growth. As a parent, it is your responsibility to introduce your child to outdoor sports and generate interest in physical activities. There is innumerable outdoor play equipment available in the market to assist you. Incorporate these outdoor play toys in your child’s routine and contribute to their health and well-being.

Inducing Adventure-Element

A book-bound traditional system of learning is old-fashioned and outdated. Your child seeks thrill and adventure in the learning process too. Learning outdoors can provide him with the needed fun element. With various activities involving fantasy or theme-based concept, you can catch his interest and push him towards learning in a delightful environment effortlessly.

Boosting Creativity

The beautiful colours and creatures in the outdoors will help your child dive into the world of creativity. He can build stories around different biological objects, chase the natural elements and understand the basic working of nature.

Helps in Developing Social Skills

Outdoor play makes your child interact with more people. They learn the necessary conversational skills and make friends. If your child is soon going to enter the teenage group, this move might help him a lot, as he would make friends and know how the world works. It will prepare him for the adulthood phase as well.

Improving Physical Development

With regular physical activity sessions in the fresh air, immunity and bones in the child could be strengthened. Vitamin D is a vital component for a child’s proper growth, and the sun is the ultimate source which would provide the sufficient element to your little ones. This way, you would be able to dodge many health-related problems like diabetes, obesity and heart-related issues in your young lad.

Generating Interest in Sports

Introducing sports equipment in the outdoor play will let your kid explore his future options in this field.  Sports are a great way to benefit your child’s health. At a tender age, who knows if he might get fascinated by a particular sport and convert it into a passion. Such an early start and dedication will pave his path to success.

Increasing Attention Span

With the help of colourful surroundings and various interesting natural elements, you will be able to involve your child for a long time. You can also install swings, ride-on, see-saws and other equipment to make him stay in the ground for a more extended period.


Now that you know how essential it is for your child to get involved in outdoor activities, what are you waiting for? Enquire about some good quality outdoor play equipment India and set a suitable environment for young little lambkins. Visit our website and browse through our fantastic collection of outdoor play toys. Gift your loved one a healthy lifestyle and witness the positive changes in them yourself.

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Build an Amusing Indoor Playground for Your Little Ones

Obesity at an early age is a significant challenge among young children today. The video games, mobile phones and gaming devices are so attractive and thrilling that there is no reason for kids to step out of the room and search for distractions. But what about their health? How are they going to develop social skills? Well, there is a solution. Indoor playgrounds are the way to achieve the well-being of your kids which explains the need for installing indoor playground toys for toddlers . Read the full article to understand what all you should keep in mind before building an amusing indoor playground for your little ones.

Why Should You Construct An Indoor Playground?

It is essential to understand that nothing can replace the pros of going out and playing in a friendly environment for a child. But in the unprecedented times of Covid-19, it is dangerous. If you live in a place where the weather is always changing and is uncertain, you definitely would want to have an alternative. The best part is, you can personalise the playground as per your child’s requirements. Below are some benefits of indoor playground toys for toddlers listed:

1. Enhancing Critical Thinking and Creativity

The theme-based playgrounds will let your toddler dive into his imagination and explore creativity. Building fanciful stories around rides will add a touch of adventure to grab the attention of your child. It would compensate for the thrill he might miss when not going out. You can also add problem-solving props to give room for educational development.

2. Keeping Your Kids Safe

When the conditions outdoors are not favourable, having indoor playground toys installed is a boon for you. You can comfortably keep an eye on the notorious lambkins and prevent them from getting into any danger.

3. Increasing Physical Activity And Maintains Good Health

With the development of technologies for all age groups, there is no need to step out of the house. But it has a lot of disadvantages. For the proper growth of kids, they need to run, play, socialise, and make friends. Therefore, these indoor playing zones are not only crucial from the health point of view but also for mental advancement.

4. Keeping Your Child Engaged

If both the parents are working, a child can feel lonely. Fun-filled indoor playground toys will help in keeping your toddlers engaged. And once you wrap up, you can join them and have some lovely family time. Planning dinners, brunches, and picnics in the space will be a heartwarming experience.

5. Perfect For Any Season

You know how unpredictable the weather is in our country. In one moment it rains, and in the other minute, it’s sunny again. An outdoor playground is not maintained enough to cater to all your child’s needs in every season. But that’s where indoor playground toys for toddlers come into play. You can customise them according to your place and respective season without any worries.

Things you need to consider before getting started

There are certain factors you would need to speculate about before building an indoor playground. Take a

1. Age

Do not install dangerous rides! You never know what mischief your little one might plan. Try equipping the space with ride-on, slides, toy cars, etc. which enhance movement and are of apt height. Install props which do not induce and promote violence. At such an early stage, your kid needs to be in a healthy environment. Choose games and toys wisely.

2. Indoor Space Available

Do not fill the space with heavy toys. It will constrain movement and not let your kid enjoy to the fullest. Prioritising the physical enhancement, set up the available space appropriately.

3. Brand

Get the pieces of equipment from a reliable supplier who offers a good warranty. As you are dealing with kids, things are going to break! You will need regular servicing and upgradation. Moreover, from a safety point of view, the quality of props needs to be top-notch. Buy your stuff from a good brand.

4. Toys

Who knows your child better than you! Introduce good values and morals in your child. Attempt building a playground around good stories. Keep the themes fancy and dreamy to engage the child for an extended period. Invest in sports kits, like bowling and tennis, to generate a kid’s interest in sports.

Now that you know why you should build an indoor playground for toddlers and what factors you will need to pay attention to, before taking the first step, I hope you succeed in the task. A central question remains where to find the best indoor playground toys? Well, you can contact websites like and look into the wide range of toys they offer.

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Making Outdoor Play Fun

How Funstations help your kids’ overall development?
The year 2020 has been a game changer when it comes to kids, play schools and education. While it has taken a toll on the elderly/adults, the kids between the age of 2-13 have had the most confusing year. Schools have been shut, everyday routines have been compromised and so has the normal psyche of every kid. Playschools play a crucial role in every child’s brain development. From a host of fun activities indoors and outdoors, play schools are responsible for the overall growth of every kid. On the brighter side, many parents have set up a mini school area/ playschool area in the vicinity, adopted safe outdoor play toys by investing in fun stations from Ok Play Toys. Here’s why you should too:

Hands-on Learning Opportunity

“Hands-on learning is a form of education in which children learn by doing. Instead of simply listening to a teacher or instructor lecture about a given subject, the student engages with the subject matter to solve a problem or create something.” Thus, it is very important for kids to have such experiences and our fun stations are designed to provide such experiences.

Social Development

Preschool is the prime time when kids learn to talk – about their feelings, emotions. wants and needs. During this stage of life, it is important for them to interact and be exposed to a social circle that stimulates the same. These skills are also crucial for children’s successful participation in school and home experiences and for their overall growth. Our fun stations are designer to appease the varied interests of different children. Install these funstations and let your kids gather with other children and interact over their favourite ride or favourite characters.

Appreciating The Nature

It is a proven fact that greater exposure to bright light enhances health and mental performance. Our funstations are designed to develop a lifelong connection with nature. The Nature Collection is based on seasons, birds and themes about nature that give the kids a better understanding of the real world. OK Play Recommends – The Nature Collection

Explore the Creative Side

Outdoor play often brings out that side of your kids which one didn’t know existed. Often outdoor play encourages children to challenge the usual norms while helping them learn. It also pushed their boundaries helps them become better at risk assessment. All this, in a nutshell, promotes their creative muscle and opens up fresher opportunities.

Increase in Attention Span 

It is a proven fact that kids who spend more time outdoors are curious, dedicated and more focused as the activities require taking initiation and decision. This builds the motor skills in kids and helps them in decision making. Spending time outdoors is also associated with improving mood and happiness.


Invest in a brighter future or your kids, invest in outdoor play toys for them from the best outdoor play equipment manufacturers – OK Play.

A Parent’s Guide to the Best Educational Toys

Children love to play all through the day and never get bored because they just want to have fun. Toys play an important role in educating children. Every kid should have a few toys on hand that teach. 

But which toy can help you achieve it ? Being a parent, we must give our child the best toy so that a child feels delighted when they are playing and learn something while they are at it. It’s brilliant to turn their play time into learning time. Toys are the best when it comes to tangible learning as parents can measure the progress their kids are making with each toy and what they are learning out of it.

Toys play an important role in a kid’s development 

Through toys, children can learn many different skills that they will need in their life. Educational toys help children to learn problem-solving skills, physical and mental strength, creativity skills and how cause and effect work.

The toys should be safe, simple and fun to play with. You should choose a toy which is aligned with your child’s interest and appropriate for their skill level.

According to experts, the first five years of life can have an enormous impact on how well a toddler’s brain develops and also how a toddler learns and grows throughout their lifetime. They concluded that toys have found to have a big role to play in the kid’s journey.

Types of toys according to kid’s age

0-12 months
In this period, babies need to develop senses. So, let’s update the baby’s toys to make them learn senses and fun for a six-month-old baby. Toys for tiny tots include Tubby Tots, Babee Ball, jolly rattles, little pets and rainbow links.

12-24 months
Toddlers are very curious, and love to touch, feel, play and move. Some toys where toddlers can sit and play dress up doll games, kitchen set, toy cars, push up a wheel, bang bang toy, and funny bunny links.

3-5 years
At this age, it’s time for them to go to school. They need toys that introduce them to basic mathematics, body parts and the alphabet and poems. Toys they can learn and play with are street hawk bikes, bowling alley, hockey, mathematics games, alphabet board and junior striker.

Looking for some best educational toys? We got you covered. 

Building blocks help your toddler to unlock their windows of imagination and explore, discover and create their world. Building blocks encourage learning, creative skills and brain development.

Magic Gears
Let your kids learn and understand about gears as they are used in so many ways in our lives. Magic gear is an excellent toy that imparts the learning of colour differentiation and builds on the concept of proportions and fractions among growing and ever-curious kids.

An easel is designed for multiple activities like drawing, sketching, painting and writing. Kids love to scribble and it’s a great opportunity to encourage them to love art since childhood.

Kitchen set
Tiny Tots love to imitate what they see, so they will gain valuable motor skills and more by cooking and playing in their own kitchen. It’s a great toy for a toddler who loves the idea of cooking.

Pacer is an amazing product to encourage limbs coordination in your toddler and also develops stamina and muscular strength. The pedaling activity ensures that the child learns the art of balancing and lets them have fun.

For kids toys are fun, also toys are the best way to help children learn about themselves, as well as the world around them. Kids need to be nurtured and encouraged if you want them to grow into intelligent, well rounded adults. You can find some of the best educational toys for tiny tots to be both fun to use and informative.

Grab some educational toys from the best you could ever look for, OK Play toys. Explore a range of India’s homegrown toys on 

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The Best Gifts For Your Children This Festive Season

It’s that time of the year where fun meets festive. Can you imagine a life without festivals? Impossible, right? Festivals bring families together, celebrations with friends, special and most importantly, bring out the jolly side of children. Apart from enhancing the good times, kids spread happiness like no other. 

Festive occasions are usually children’s favourite time too and for more reasons than one – getting to the party, meet relatives and receive festive gifts. 

Kids love to socialise and are fascinated by moving things around them. This festive season, double their excitement by gifting wonderful toys and let them enjoy their childhood to the fullest. Here are a few toys we know every child adores, and yours will too.

Coupe car
The stylish coupe car is designed for your tiny tots to endeavour challenges and encompass boredom. It’s truly a wow-worthy toy as young kids love riding with a coupe car. Celebrate all special moments of your tiny tots with a coupe car.

Duck Rider
The great ride-on toy can provide years of fun and excitement. Toy riders can delight your little ones as they learn to ride and strengthen their gross motor skills. It’s the best option for your kid to have fun and learn as well.

Golf Kit
For your tiny one, this is a gift that is perfect to the festive cheer. Let them enjoy the weather and play around. You never know your little one might become a pro at it.

Push wheel
Easily pull along a toy that comes with easy to turn around wheels. The push wheels are available in various shades to look attractive and vibrant. Gift them this Push Wheel Red and add some extra fun & excitement to their playtime.

Easel Grand
An attractive easel is for the kids who love to draw, colour, sketch and paint. An easel is an important thing for your toddler that offers a platform to express and explore their creativity. It’s a great opportunity to encourage them to love art since childhood.

Super Bowling Alley
If you are looking for a different kind of holiday activity for kids, Super bowling alley is a great choice. Kids enjoy playing along with their friends or simply all by themselves. This set will allow them a fun-filled experience. Keep your toddler busy and entertained during winter days with an indoor Bowling set.

Build a Home
There are endless ways to play with building blocks. ‘Build a Home’ is a set of blocks consisting of 30 pieces of different shapes, including a car and 2 passengers. Building Blocks is great fun for kids of all age groups.

See Saw
One of the absolute favourite toys for the kids is a See-Saw . Up and down they go, the fun See-Saw with a modern look and has two slides contoured seats with easy grip handle bars. Since your kids cannot go outside, it is a great opportunity to bring the playground home!

Our list of the best and awesome gifts for kids features a variety of options for kids of all ages.

The festive occasion is a time of great joy and fun for tiny tots. It’s time for you to surprise your kids this festive season, with a bundle of joy, by gifting them OK Play toys. Explore a range of India’s homegrown toys on  

Have a wonderful festive occasion with your kiddo and family!