How to Choose Safe Toys for Your Kids

Choosing Safe Toys

How do you know if the toys are safe or not? Nowadays, it is a common question among parents when choosing safe toys. Children can have a lot of fun playing with toys. However, it is crucial to be mindful of the safety of your kids.

In childhood, toys play a significant role in a kid’s growth. It provides them with opportunities for learning, creativity, and fun. But, not all toys are made of safe materials. In that case, we need to remind a few tips when buying new toys for the child.

How To Choose Safe Toys: Tips For Select The Right Toys

Here we are sharing nine tips that can help you choose safe toys for your child. So, read on.

1. Age-Appropriate Toys

While Choosing safe toys, always consider your child’s age. OK Play mentioned the recommended age range on the packaging. This information is vital because it takes into account the developmental stage, physical abilities, and safety considerations for different age groups. Choosing age-appropriate toys helps prevent potential hazards or choking risks.

2. Check For Safety Certifications

How to Buy Safe Toys – this is another question that comes to mind when parents are in a toy shop or e-commerce site. Ensure toys for 1-2 years baby can meet recognized safety standards. In India, for example, toys should comply with the BIS.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) set voluntary toy safety standards. Toys bearing the ISI label indicate that they have met these standards.

3. Consider Size And Small Parts

Avoid toys with small parts that could pose a choking hazard, especially for younger children. Check if the toy has small detachable pieces or buttons that can easily be swallowed.

If a toy passes through a toilet paper roll, it is generally not suitable for children under three years old. Always supervise when children play with tiny toys to ensure their safety.

4. Inspect For Sharp Edges And Points

Examine toys for any sharp edges, points, or protrusions that may potentially cause injuries. Ensure that the toy’s construction is sturdy and free from any dangerous edges that could cut or poke your child. Soft, rounded edges are safer for young children. It reduce the risk of accidents during play.

5. Look For Non-Toxic Materials

Always look back at the package of toy boxing. Avoid non-toxic materials to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals. Check for labels indicating that the toy is free from lead, phthalates, BPA, and other hazardous substances.

Choose toys made from child-safe materials such as wood, BPA-free plastic, or non-toxic paints. Natural materials like organic cotton or wooden toys are also great options.

6. Consider Durability And Quality

Ensure that the toy is well-made and durable for rough play. Also, look into toys’ key features like- Made in India, Anti oxidation, Anti slip base, Anti UV. Whether it is outdoor or indoor toys for kids, we need to overview these before purchase.

Avoid toys that have loose parts, brittle components, or weak attachments that could break easily and become hazards. High-quality toys not only last longer but also reduce the risk of accidents caused by toy breakage.

7. Avoid Toys With Loud Noises

Excessive noise from toys can be harmful to a child’s hearing. Choose toys with volume controls or adjustable sound levels. If a toy produces loud sounds even at the lowest setting, it may not be suitable for young children. Consider using ear protection if your child is playing with noisy toys for an extended period.

8. Read Reviews Of The Toy

Before purchasing a toy, read reviews from other parents or reputable sources. Look for feedback on the to., quality, and durability. Additionally, do research to stay informed about toy safety concerns associated with specific brands or types of toys.
Brand official websites, Consumer advocacy organizations, and government websites often provide useful information on toy safety.

9. Battery Toys Should Be Avoided

For Choosing Safe Toys, this last tip is highly recommended for every new parent and would-be parent. Whether you are looking for safe toys for toddlers or children, remind some toys come with tinny batteries. Kids can easily swallow these types of tiny batteries.
If you want to buy electrically operated toys, then ensure the battery panel is screwed. It will not be easy for a child to open up the screwed panel. We always recommend avoiding battery toys for kids.

Not Big or Tiny Toys

Even after selecting safe toys, it’s essential to regularly inspect and maintain them. Check for wear and tear, loose parts, or any damage that could make the toy unsafe.

It is a natural tendency of kids to always put things in their mouths. On this point, washable toys are highly recommended for choosing safe toys. Visit our online store OK Play and buy sustainable & safe toys for your kids.

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