Types Of Toddler Slides And Swings

Types Of Toddler Slides And Swings

Slides and Swings are both favorites for toddlers. They always like to swing and slide in the playground. Generally, slides and Swings can differ by size and design. However, there are many such aspects like material and additional accessories.

Here we are considering all of these aspects to present different types of toddler slides and Swings. So, let’s go down to explore Types of toddler slides and Swings.

Top Types Of Toddler Slides

Here, we jotted down top types of toddler slides. Slides are the most common equipment in the playground. These are the five standard slides that you will get from Ok Play. However, these slides are available in different colors. So, let’s check them out.

1. Rabbit Slide

Rabbit SlideChildren always love to play with characters. By keeping in mind, we present this Rabbit slide. This rabbit shaped slide comes with a red and blue or green and yellow color combination.

When we are looking for slides, we need to consider the best quality. In that case, rabbit slides made of stand out quality material and 100% guaranteed made in India. Plus, this product has a basketball ring on the side panel. This Two-in-One slide can be the first choice for toddlers.

2. Dino Slide

Dino Slide As we have said, slides can differ by their design. For instance, Dino Slides is one of the coolest slides ever. Its dino feature makes this slide unique.

Two to four year old children are perfect to play with this slide. Climb, slide and shoot are three features available. Plus, Dino slides have three zones: acceleration, declaration and buffer zone. Therefore, your child is under the safe.

3. Elephant Side

Elephant SideGreen and yellow color elephant slides provide twice the treat when playing. It develops physical and mental skills at a time. It includes a wide base stability and attractiveness.

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Dual functional slides can be placed indoors and outdoors. Little one must like this elephant slide. Types of toddler slides, elephant slide is durable and safe.

4. Slide Ladder

SLIDER LADDERWithout a classic slide ladder, types of toddler slides list is incomplete. However, classic slides are available in different colors like Red & Blue combination or Green & Yellow or Green & Sky combinations.

Non- toxic, Anti-UV, Durable and Environmentally friendly are delightful features that make this product different from others.

5. Baby Slide Senior

BABY SLIDE SENIORBaby slide senior is similar to the classic slide ladder. It comes with a blue ladder and green slides. Sometimes, you pick the wrong toy. That is why we offer 100% high quality materials.

However, this toy can be fixed on the indoor floor or outdoor area. Easy to carry and durable plastic ensures joyment.

Top Types Of Toddler Swings

Swings can be differentiated based on several factors, such as their level of experience. For example, the type of swings, and the equipment used. Here are some different types of Swings.

1. Funstation Economy Model – 19

FUNSTATION ECONOMY MODELSwings can be categorized based on their level of child’s experience. And this Funstation Economy Model – 19 swing for advanced level. Beginner Swings are those who are new to swing and may not have much experience with a variety of swings.

Funstation Economy Model – 19 is one of the types of toddler Swings. This swing is attached with two slides. These two in one Swings for those children who have years of experience and can tackle the balance and enjoy fully.

2. Big Swing For Children

BIG SWING Swings are one of the favorite rides for children. There is no baby who does not like to ride swings. Big swing for children is an outdoor and indoor friendly swing for a 1 to 2 year old baby. When your baby are new for playground, you can bring this ride home.

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Big Swing For Children is good for beginning child Swings. This product is made from non toxic durable LLDPE and plastic material. However, it is the best birthday gift for a child. Your child must like this light weight big swing.



SWING-A-ONE is another durable and adjustable height swing for beginner and advanced children. It is different from traditional Swings. It is designed as playground equipment.

Swing-A-One is popular in playgrounds because toddlers and babies can use this swing together. Children can enjoy their coordination, balance and agility. This weather resistant & waterproof types of toddler swing must be in the school or children’s garden.

Final Words

Here, we have discussed Types of toddler slides and Swings. However, slides and swings are popular among children. It enhances problem solving skills. Plus, it boosts social skills and develops confidence.

Swings can encourage children to fly in the air. On the other hand, slides also enhance risk taking skills. Most importantly, children can enjoy playing with these. OK Play presents sustainable, waterproof and high quality slides and Swings to toddlers.