Types of Toys to Add in Every Home and Playschools

Toys for Children

Toys play a crucial role in a child’s early development. They are among the first things a child interacts with and enjoys spending time with. It helps them explore their surroundings as well as teach them to recognize shapes, colors, and textures.

Choosing the right toys for play school can significantly impact a child’s growth and cognitive development during these formative years.

Given the abundance of toys available in the toy market, it can be challenging to select which toys for home can offer more than entertainment for children. So, let’s check what OK Play, an Indian toy company, is presenting here!

Toys for Children to Have at Home

Home is the first place where children learn the primary things and gradually grow up to explore the world.

In this blog, we dissect some of the toys for home that children can enjoy. However, if you are looking to buy toddler toys online, OK Play can be the best option. You can easily browse and examine how toys contribute to the development of children!

1. Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty is one of the common rhyme characters that children will come across when they take a step into learning. On this note, children will love the vibrant colors and appealing design of this Humpty Dumpty ride-on toy.

It will encourage feelings of happiness, improve coordination between arms and legs, and support the development of physical skills and balance.

2. Turbo Red

At a growing age, children want to explore new things. Keeping this in mind, OK Play, a leading toy company in India manufactures tricycles for kids.

This red turbo tricycle offers convenience, comfort, and entertainment for your child. It looks like a real bike with non-slip tires. Toddlers can easily handle it and enjoy the fun moment when they ride this Turbo Red.

3. Ok Play Coaster Car

OK Play Coaster Car is specially designed for toddlers who can easily handle the steering and enjoy the ride. This car toy is designed to give a real car-driving feeling. 

Your child will adore this eye-catching, and lightweight Coaster car. Featuring an easy grip handle, high back and footrest, this Coaster car can be a great choice to buy for your child. 

4. Roxy 2 IN 1

Roxy 2 in 1 is a multipurpose toy for 3 to 4-year-old children. This toy is one of the traditional Indian toys that can be the perfect combination of a baby’s table and a rocker. 

It comes with an integrated backrest and leg support that makes it an impressive toy that your kids will love. For multipurpose use, Roxy 2 in 1 is a must-have toy at home. 

 5. My Pet Ride On

My Pet Ride On is one kind of toy that offers endless riding fun for your kid. It is a 4-wheeler that ensures a child’s balance and safety while they ride it. 

It has enough sitting space for a comfortable riding experience. The most interesting thing is the shape of the toy. It is based on an animal that a child can get easily familiarized with. 

5 Types of Toys for Play Schools

After the collection of toys for home, let’s explore the top 5 toys for play school that every play school should have.

1. OK Play Bookshelf


For Play School, we should choose an OK Play Bookshelf. It is a three-tier book organizer where children can organize books easily. It can promote learning and interest in reading books too. It is the perfect display bookshelf.

2. Sandpit Senior

Sandpit Senior is a perfect playschool toy for 2 to 3-year-old children. The frog-shaped sandbox boasts a lively blue color and built-in seats. It is one of the best play school toys for kids to indulge in imaginative activities like digging, constructing, and scooping.

It serves as an educational toy. Through this toy, teachers can teach how to dig and plant. In this way, children will be familiar with the solid process of planting. 

3. Table And Chair Set

OK Play 2 Seater Table & Chair set is another significant playschool toy. Table chair set is important to have in any play school. By keeping this in mind, this table chair set is manufactured for a child who has strat his learning journey from play school. It is very comfortable and attractive that a child must love to sit and enjoy the learning time.

4. Dino Slide

Kids always love to slide, thus Dino Slide is perfectly suitable for children to play safely. A slide is not just a piece of equipment; it can transform into anything in a child’s imagination. It can be placed indoors or outdoors both. Dino Slide can be a fun moment for children to play with friends  and make memorable times.

5. OK Play See Saw

After Dino Slide, we should mention another active play school toy is OK Play See Saw. two children can play together at a time. However, it’s safe for little ones to play because it is crafted from non-toxic plastic.

Final Words

In conclusion, incorporating a variety of toys into every home and playschool setting is essential for child development. Toys serve as tools for learning, creativity, and social interactions. 

Therefore, let’s prioritize the inclusion of toys in every home and playschool, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive and flourish through play. On this note, OK Play come up with a range of toy collections where you will get the best toys for home and playschools.