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Tips for Indoor Playground Safety

Safety Tips for Indoor Play Equipment in India from OK Play

An indoor soft playground should be designed in a way to ensure the kid’s safety. Concurrently it should be creative, inspiring, and fun-filled. Indoor play equipment in India is gaining a lot of attention due to the rising demand in our country.

The business opportunities for the indoor soft play area are huge due to its growing demand in kids’ crèche, kids play area in shopping centres, business space, and educational sectors.

The current article discusses the various safety measures and tips to create a safe indoor playground for kids.

Spacious Area

Select an area where there is enough space to accommodate more children without them bumping into each other or other pieces of equipment. The area around the equipment should have sufficient space to avoid any injury.

Good Quality Playground Equipment

Choosing good quality and safer playground equipment should be the key priority. Focus on the safety standard of the equipment and prefer reliable companies. Ensure not to buy used play equipment.

Age-Friendly Play Equipment

Since different age range of children will be using the equipment, age-friendly equipment should be installed to ensure better safety. Separate play equipment option for toddler should be considered.

Safe Surfacing

Appropriate rubber surfacing under the play equipment like slides, climbers, swings should be done to ensure the kid’s safety.

Customised Play Equipment and Area

Indoor play equipment in India is gaining more popularity by undergoing customisation. The equipment manufacturer customises the play area as desired. They provide options for themed play areas and innovative layout ideas.

Themed play area ranges from Jungle Safari, Pirates, Deep sea, space, castle, cartoon, etc. Some commonly used customised play equipment are doughnut slide, balloon carnival, ball dumper, hanging octopus, zip lines, duck holes, etc.

Appropriate Equipment Supplier

Choose vendors who can provide indoor play equipment that follows safety standards and quality policy. It should be made of non-toxic virgin polymer and lead-free material. It should be fire retardant and durable. They should be able to install the equipment properly so that it is safer to use.

The final step to create an indoor soft play area is its maintenance. After making the play area ready, follow the below-mentioned steps to maintain its safety.

  • Regularly inspect the play area by monitoring the play equipment, surfacing, and wear and tear of any area. The damaged area should be fixed immediately.
  • Follow the manuals of the play equipment provided by the manufacturer to understand the type of maintenance required for the equipment.
  • Maintain a schedule for the inspection, repair, and maintenance of the equipment.
  • Get rid of the outdated equipment.

Therefore, indoor play equipment in India has gained enormous popularity in the Indian entertainment industry. It serves as an area that can entertain children, offer comfort and give peace of mind to parents.


Simultaneously, they also create a chance to burn calories and stay fit irrespective of weather conditions. Attaining such an area is possible by following the above guidelines. For the finest indoor play equipment in India, has been the name that most has trusted. You can check and browse through their top products for indoor play.