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Essential Tips for Choosing Toys for Toddlers

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Toys play a vital role in nurturing the toddler’s thinking, language, and social-emotional skills. Some of the top toy manufacturers in India have developed so many toy options in the toy store that you feel confused and overwhelmed. It is used as a developmental learning tool.

Based on the child’s age, interests, and stage of development, you should focus on a few tips for choosing toys for your toddlers.

Safety Toys

Toys should be clean and made of non-toxic, non-flammable materials. It should be without any sharp edges or corners or small, detachable parts.

Open-Ended Toys

Choose toys that your kid can enjoy differently as they tend to get bored with a particular toy very easily. It also encourages your child’s imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skill. Toys manufacturer in India have come up with lots of options that encourage this concept like building blocks, balls, interlocking blocks, etc.


Choose the toys that can be fun at different stages of development and grow with your kid. For, e.g., dollhouses, stuffed dolls and animals, and plastic animals, which are fun for toddlers, can be used as a shoebox house later.

Knowledge Gain

Games help kids think logically, create and imagine, choose toys that involve problem-solving and practising skills. Such toys also help in hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Top toy manufacturers in India have focused on this point and introduced various options like puzzles, shape-sorters, clay, paint, crayons, etc.

Simple Toys to Enhance the Imaginative Skill

Choose simple toys that do not run-on battery and allow the child to direct their activities. The passive learning style always creates obstacles in thinking independently. The simplest toys like blocks are the best options.

Choose Age-Appropriate Toys

Go for toys based on their age, gender, and area of interest. A two-year toddler would prefer to play with kitchen sets, doctor sets, trucks, school buses, and dollhouses.

Real-Life Props for Reading

For the child’s early development in reading and writing, go for books, markers, crayons, fingerprints, magnetic alphabet letters. Some more options that help the child build familiarity with letters, text, and print are catalogues, magazines, take-out menus.

Encourage Physical Skill

As toddlers grow, they tend to experiment more with their moves and their bodies. To keep them physically active, choose tricycles, plastic bowling sets, basketball hoops, gardening sets, etc.

Encourage Family Games

Family games like board games encourage matching, counting, self-control, to follow the rules along with memory and listening skills. It also supports relationship-building skills and teaches children the importance of winning and losing.

With the growing competition to make your toddlers talented, knowledgeable, and smarter at a young age by different means, toys are believed to play a major role in developing these skills. However, with the top toy manufacturer in India like, which has introduced different varieties of toys in the market, it becomes the duty of the parents to choose the toys smartly for their toddlers without spending a hefty amount.