Toy Manufacturers in India: Make your Kid’s Learning Process a Thrilling Experience

Effective Ways to Make Your Kid’s Learning Process a Thrilling Experience

Children have an innate curiosity in them. If nurtured well, curiosity can bring about a lot of marvelous experiences. They explore the world with things around them.

As the kid grows, the learning methodology changes, and so does the space for exploration. To ensure the transition, it is essential to instil a fun learning process in the kids, while their curiosity is at the peak. Let’s look at some effective ways to make their learning experience a thrilling one.

Interest & Passion

Participate in their curiosity. Ask them what are they reading, playing, scribbling, and learning. Take them outdoors to witness more of the world through zoos, museums, theatres, libraries, etc., to help them navigate their interests.

First-Hand Experience

When your child is learning the alphabet, try to get them a hands-on experience on the objects they study. For example, when A becomes Apple or Airplane, show the kids what an apple or airplane looks like. If they are learning about fish, take them to the aquarium to enhance their learning process.

Educational Toys

Toys are one of the first things that the kids enjoy exploring in the world. Toys are crucial for a kid’s development. Educational toys are made to increase the learning capabilities of the kid along with sparking a great deal of fun while learning. They increase problem-solving capabilities, creativity, and overall development in the kid.

Educational toys like easels, magic gears, building blocks, pacer, encourage kids to involve more in the learning process. The do-it-yourself methodology helps the kids to satiate their curiosity by engaging and learning with the educational toys.

The toy brands primarily design the toys to impart fun as well as add an educational value to them. Moreover, they make the toys keeping in mind the age group and ease of playing.


In an extension of the educational toys’ application, you can also draw up some interesting indoor and outdoor games for the kids. For example, you can use easels for Pictionary. Scavenger hunts, tiny bowling alley, junior striker, etc. are some games that the kids would like to indulge in.

Let them play with clays to make and mould particular objects and figures. This activity gives the kids enough room for imagination, experiment, and learning through play.

Learning is a multi-directional process. Apart from the indoor games, the outdoor games imbibe the understanding of team building and conflict resolution in kids.

Learning Styles

The three prime learning styles are kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. Understand the unique learning style of the kid and modulate the learning process accordingly.

For example, if the kids love to learn through visuals, make the learning process fun by showing them some interesting yet educational videos.

The ways to relay learning is unlimited. And toys are a great source of ‘learning with fun’ among the kids. The creativity and knowledge involved in it are rewarding for the child’s overall development.

OK Play India is one of the leading toy manufacturers in India, understands the concept. Hence, it took an entirely productive outlook to make the learning process among the kids fun and impart the positive value of the learning process. To browse through our collection of toys, visit

India, a Toy Manufacturing Hub

Fulfilling our Hon’ble PMO’s Vision of India being a Toy Manufacturing Hub

One of the fundamental joys of childhood is the memory of receiving toys on birthdays, or when relatives visit or you visit some strange land for a vacation. The toy industry in India has been present for over centuries with the first sign of toys dating back to the Mohejodaro and Harappa civilisations. Toys are not just a part of the fun but also teach children many important values and morals along with improving their motor skills and creativity. The development of the child’s mind is highly dependent on toys, such that most playschools and preschoolers are often just given a bunch of different toys to help improve their skills and inculcate values in them like sharing, caring for belongings and more.

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Today, the value of the global toy industry is 7 lakh crore rupees and despite India having a rich culture and history of arts & crafts that produced some great toys, our contribution to this industry is minimal. As our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Narendra Modi said, India should be working towards contributing to this market with our innovative toys made from clay, leather, stone, wood, plastic and more from different parts of the country.

Owing to the pandemic, the toy industry has taken a major hit as 85% of the unbranded toys come from China. The restrictions on import from China have caused a severe shortage in the toy industry. However, it has also given an opportunity for Indian brands to grow. With a young population of 1.3 billion people in our country, India has the market to cater to with a budding toy industry. With a rich history and culture, we have the scope to create special toys that can cater to the Indian and global industry. The technological developments in the last few years also allows us to now become a manufacturing hub of toys. The focus is on the use of technology and innovation to create toys that meet the global standards.

In recent times, China has taken over as the biggest supplier of toys for boys and girls worldwide. However, as mentioned by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, India does have the resources and the creativity to create the best toys and play a bigger role in the toy industry worldwide as well as contribute to the AatmaNirbhar Bharat campaign of the government. OK Play India is one such company that has been manufacturing and selling toys in India for almost the past three decades. With two sprawling factories located in Sohna, Haryana and Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, we’re a team of 500+ people who create toys that meet international standards and continue to strive to make our Indian toys a global name. To know more about us or check out our collection, visit

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