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Why Should Schools have Playgrounds? – A Positive Intervention

To cater to the children’s need for a brighter future and provide the best learning experience, the school should encourage both outdoor and indoor activities. Children gain knowledge faster through play than by reading books.

The increasing exposure to electronic screen time encouragement of children to go for breaks and play in the playground becomes vital. An increasing number of schools are embracing the idea of installing good quality and customised school playground equipment in India.

What are the Advantages of the School Playground and its Equipment?

More schools focus on creating a natural play environment for the kids to provide physical, social, and mental growth. Free play opportunities have been found to have a calming effect on disciplinary matters and impulsive behaviour.

The following section will describe various benefits of the school playground and its equipment.

Intellectual Development and Well Being

To overcome enormous academic pressure to achieve good grades, physical activity is essential as it facilitates the release of endorphins which are great therapy for stress, depression, or anxiety. Therefore it becomes vital to include appropriate equipment in the right location and further ensure the mental wellbeing of the children.

Playing stimulates the child’s brain to develop various motor skills like writing, jumping, walking, detailed handwork, planning, and making good decisions.

Helps in Physical Growth

School playground equipment in India provides better physical health to children; the more they are exposed to outdoor play activities. If interesting and more equipment is introduced in the school playground, students will be lured to use the equipment.

School playground equipment that can be installed are activities involving climbing, sliding, balancing, and stretching. Outdoor physical activities improve muscle strength, alertness, motor skills, and strategic behaviour.

For example, trim trails, press up bars, leg raise, climbing walls improves the upper body strength and other skills like grip strength, hand-eye coordination, and visual sensitivity. Tricycle-style riders help in cardiovascular exercises.

Enhances Social Skills

Children with school playground equipment will be encouraged to use it together, thereby enhancing their social interaction. For example, equipment like jigsaw play tower system, adventure trails, see-saws are a few types of equipment that involves more than one user.

This group game creates an opportunity for the kids to develop confidence, talk, and interact while playing. It further enhances their skill to take care of the adult relationship, work in groups or the wider community in the future.

Also, older children help their younger friends to take rides and engage themselves in other discussions. Playing in the playground inculcates learning tenacity, endurance, get rid of frustration, sharing, empathetic feeling, and expression of thoughts and ideas.

Enhances Creativity

Playground furnished with equipment stimulates creativity in children. Few such equipment that allow kids to be creative are waterplay, shelters and sails, canopies, and sensory gardens.

Facilitate Learning

School playground equipment creates a space to learn various things that can be beneficial while learning in the classroom.

Discovers Talent

Playground with a range of equipment offers children the chance to discover and refine their talents.


Providing a proper playground is beneficial to keep the children fit and healthy. School playground equipment in India positively impacts children’s emotional, social, physical, and mental growth. Various other advantages include increased self-esteem, critical thinking skills, and a strong immune system. To find out the best school playground equipment in India, you can browse through the products on

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Reasons for Introducing Sports to Kids in their School Curriculum

Following the famous adage, sports and play should always accompany work to avoid making your kid dull. The beauty of sports not only lies in the way it is played but also stays in the development of a kid.

Many schools have started adopting this notion, and sports have been added to the school curriculum. For the kids of tender age, school playground equipment helps to develop the love for the sports for the long term.

Let us understand the importance of sports for kids in school:

Mind Development

Let’s begin with the mind. When a kid goes to school, the colourful surroundings and attractive playground equipment grabs their attention. A kid loves to explore the colourful journey through the castle or meadow slides and lovely swings. Generally, this boosts the attention, creativity, and imagination in the kid.


The kid tends to socialize more on the playground rather than in a classroom. Sports allows the kids to interact with each other and develop conversational skills. Usually, this is the place where friendships are formed. Sports in schools develop the feeling of togetherness among the kids.

Team Spirit

This remains the most critical factor to include sports in the school curriculum. Introducing kids to the playground equipment and associated games helps them figure out the importance of team building. They learn to respect and obey rules, which are also required in other facets of school life.

Best Self-Version

Sports induce morals and values among the kids through fair play. They learn about competitions, success, and learning from the failures. They try to become the best version of themselves every time they play. The sportsmanship, eventually, percolates in their behaviour.

Analytical Ability

Introducing sport in the school curriculum increases the analytical and problem-solving ability among the kids. For instance, a kid may not figure out the giant structure of a castle slide. The kid will analyze the ways and finally figure out the way to climb and slide!


Indulging in sports increases the endorphins levels. Kids enjoy the essence of the sports whole-heartedly, and it helps them to perform better in other classroom activities. It imparts a sense of confidence in the kids to perform better in school and improves emotional fitness.


Today, fitness among the kids remains unattended. Kids surround themselves more with digital gadgets rather than people. Further, this has been hampering the physical development of the kids for a long time. It is, thus, necessary for the school to include sports in their curriculum to ensure proper fitness among the kids.

Time Management

Kids eventually figure out how much time they want to spend on sports. They learn discipline as an undivided part of the sports. This attribute not only helps them in sports but also in their studies. A kid learns to divide the time between the swing and slide.


The reasons to include sports in the school curriculum are vast. Many schools have playground equipment installed to develop the love for sports among the kids. The equipment helps them to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. One of the best toy companies in the country establishes this fact with their indoor and outdoor play equipment. To know more and look at the best products, you can follow