A Parent’s Guide to the Best Educational Toys

Children love to play all through the day and never get bored because they just want to have fun. Toys play an important role in educating children. Every kid should have a few toys on hand that teach. 

But which toy can help you achieve it ? Being a parent, we must give our child the best toy so that a child feels delighted when they are playing and learn something while they are at it. It’s brilliant to turn their play time into learning time. Toys are the best when it comes to tangible learning as parents can measure the progress their kids are making with each toy and what they are learning out of it.

Toys play an important role in a kid’s development 

Through toys, children can learn many different skills that they will need in their life. Educational toys help children to learn problem-solving skills, physical and mental strength, creativity skills and how cause and effect work.

The toys should be safe, simple and fun to play with. You should choose a toy which is aligned with your child’s interest and appropriate for their skill level.

According to experts, the first five years of life can have an enormous impact on how well a toddler’s brain develops and also how a toddler learns and grows throughout their lifetime. They concluded that toys have found to have a big role to play in the kid’s journey.

Types of toys according to kid’s age

0-12 months
In this period, babies need to develop senses. So, let’s update the baby’s toys to make them learn senses and fun for a six-month-old baby. Toys for tiny tots include Tubby Tots, Babee Ball, jolly rattles, little pets and rainbow links.

12-24 months
Toddlers are very curious, and love to touch, feel, play and move. Some toys where toddlers can sit and play dress up doll games, kitchen set, toy cars, push up a wheel, bang bang toy, and funny bunny links.

3-5 years
At this age, it’s time for them to go to school. They need toys that introduce them to basic mathematics, body parts and the alphabet and poems. Toys they can learn and play with are street hawk bikes, bowling alley, hockey, mathematics games, alphabet board and junior striker.

Looking for some best educational toys? We got you covered. 

Building blocks help your toddler to unlock their windows of imagination and explore, discover and create their world. Building blocks encourage learning, creative skills and brain development.

Magic Gears
Let your kids learn and understand about gears as they are used in so many ways in our lives. Magic gear is an excellent toy that imparts the learning of colour differentiation and builds on the concept of proportions and fractions among growing and ever-curious kids.

An easel is designed for multiple activities like drawing, sketching, painting and writing. Kids love to scribble and it’s a great opportunity to encourage them to love art since childhood.

Kitchen set
Tiny Tots love to imitate what they see, so they will gain valuable motor skills and more by cooking and playing in their own kitchen. It’s a great toy for a toddler who loves the idea of cooking.

Pacer is an amazing product to encourage limbs coordination in your toddler and also develops stamina and muscular strength. The pedaling activity ensures that the child learns the art of balancing and lets them have fun.

For kids toys are fun, also toys are the best way to help children learn about themselves, as well as the world around them. Kids need to be nurtured and encouraged if you want them to grow into intelligent, well rounded adults. You can find some of the best educational toys for tiny tots to be both fun to use and informative.

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The Best Gifts For Your Children This Festive Season

It’s that time of the year where fun meets festive. Can you imagine a life without festivals? Impossible, right? Festivals bring families together, celebrations with friends, special and most importantly, bring out the jolly side of children. Apart from enhancing the good times, kids spread happiness like no other. 

Festive occasions are usually children’s favourite time too and for more reasons than one – getting to the party, meet relatives and receive festive gifts. 

Kids love to socialise and are fascinated by moving things around them. This festive season, double their excitement by gifting wonderful toys and let them enjoy their childhood to the fullest. Here are a few toys we know every child adores, and yours will too.

Coupe car
The stylish coupe car is designed for your tiny tots to endeavour challenges and encompass boredom. It’s truly a wow-worthy toy as young kids love riding with a coupe car. Celebrate all special moments of your tiny tots with a coupe car.

Duck Rider
The great ride-on toy can provide years of fun and excitement. Toy riders can delight your little ones as they learn to ride and strengthen their gross motor skills. It’s the best option for your kid to have fun and learn as well.

Golf Kit
For your tiny one, this is a gift that is perfect to the festive cheer. Let them enjoy the weather and play around. You never know your little one might become a pro at it.

Push wheel
Easily pull along a toy that comes with easy to turn around wheels. The push wheels are available in various shades to look attractive and vibrant. Gift them this Push Wheel Red and add some extra fun & excitement to their playtime.

Easel Grand
An attractive easel is for the kids who love to draw, colour, sketch and paint. An easel is an important thing for your toddler that offers a platform to express and explore their creativity. It’s a great opportunity to encourage them to love art since childhood.

Super Bowling Alley
If you are looking for a different kind of holiday activity for kids, Super bowling alley is a great choice. Kids enjoy playing along with their friends or simply all by themselves. This set will allow them a fun-filled experience. Keep your toddler busy and entertained during winter days with an indoor Bowling set.

Build a Home
There are endless ways to play with building blocks. ‘Build a Home’ is a set of blocks consisting of 30 pieces of different shapes, including a car and 2 passengers. Building Blocks is great fun for kids of all age groups.

See Saw
One of the absolute favourite toys for the kids is a See-Saw . Up and down they go, the fun See-Saw with a modern look and has two slides contoured seats with easy grip handle bars. Since your kids cannot go outside, it is a great opportunity to bring the playground home!

Our list of the best and awesome gifts for kids features a variety of options for kids of all ages.

The festive occasion is a time of great joy and fun for tiny tots. It’s time for you to surprise your kids this festive season, with a bundle of joy, by gifting them OK Play toys. Explore a range of India’s homegrown toys on www.okplay.in  

Have a wonderful festive occasion with your kiddo and family!

The Right Toys To Introduce To Your Toddlers

Little human beings sure make this world quite worth the hype. But ever wondered what goes on in their tiny heads? How do they see the world and what catches their attention? Well, the formative years of their lives are spent on toys. The tiny toddlers turn into little explorers who learn the maximum during their playtime. Thus, playtime serves as a great opportunity to develop and experiment with things that might shape their unique interests.

Choosing the right toys for your kids may seem like a piece of cake but is sure an overwhelming experience. Choosing the right shape, size, and colours along with quality and interests that nurture the overall development are a few important insights to consider. While the list is never-ending, we have structured a list of pointers that you might consider while choosing the right toys.

Toys that encourage conversation and introduces variety

It is very important to choose toys that allow little kids to experiment – from building it up to tearing it down and assembling to dismantling. Such open-ended toys encourage conversations and innovation in their little worlds. Toys like blocks, cups, different shapes, etc help strike the imagination and creativity, like our Geometrical Genius or Create-a-shape.

Toys that last for ages as your child grows up.
Remember that one toy from your childhood that you have either saved all through your adult life or deeply regretted misplacing it? We are talking about picking out that exact piece for your little one. While the purpose of some toys is to simply accompany and nourish, some toys stay throughout their whole childhood. From aiding in their developmental stage to making an impact, such toys do wonder for your kids unknowingly. Few examples of the same could be – An animal or a car, like our Pet Giraffe or My First Truck  –  any single-focus toy that your kid can recreate & reuse for different playtimes.

Toys that encourage them to read and learn.

Toys that aid in conventional education for your kids is also an important category to consider. From alphabet letters to art supplies help in the early stages of reading and writing phases for kids by building familiarity with letters, text, and print
To help with their creativity we should provide them with an open canvas, where they can explore and freely use their imagination. Such forms of creative freedom can be enjoyed with our wide range of Easels.

Toys that encourage activity.

Choosing the toys that encourage your toddlers to do some physical exercise is extremely important. It makes them more confident with their bodies while developing motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination. For example, toys like tricycles, bowling sets and other games.

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How Can Toys Increase Your Child’s Creativity?

Children often spend the initial years of their life learning things from their observations and surroundings. Often, the toys around them help develop and improve many skills like motor skills, problem-solving, conflict resolution. Playing with others helps them learn the values of sharing and compromise. Creativity is another skill that is important and can be developed in children from a very young age.

Creativity has been defined as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. It is not an inborn skill but can be nurtured and developed. Since your child is a toddler, they tend to explore their imagination and use their creativity, especially during their playtime. Toys for kids help them bring out their imagination and give them chances to improve their creativity, which can help them in different spheres of life, from education to hobbies as they grow up. Here are some factors to consider when you buy toys for your children: 

Building toys
Toys like building blocks, playdough, easels to draw or write and more that have an open-end and give the children an opportunity to use their imagination and create, using their mind.

Toys that can be customised, moulded or changed, provide children with the freedom to explore their imagination and create something. These toys can help them inculcate an idea and interest in design too. Our Funny Bunny Links and Geometrical Genious are fine examples of such toys.

Often, when toys don’t have a theme or a proper structure, it leads to the children creating their own rules and improvising and creating a fun game out of it, which involves using their imagination, like our Joy Links and Create a Shape setting standards for fair play.

Pretend Play
The most fun kind of playing, kids often tend to create their own stories and games with puppets, dolls, pets and more. Pretend play generally involves a few toys, around which a whole game or story is developed, using the child’s imagination. Expand your child’s imagination with our range of pet toys like My Pet Elephant, My Pet Hippo and My Pet Giraffe.

As long as the toys you choose help your kids have a great time while imparting important lessons in life, you know you are making sure your child keeps learning and growing with every activity they do. OK Play Toys, one of the leading toy manufacturers in India has a range of toys for toddlers and children of different ages, each of them with some learning skills along with a great deal of fun. Visit www.okplay.in and choose from the best of toys, made from the best quality plastic for your little ones and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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Improving Your Child’s Virtual School Experience

The world is adjusting in these uncertain times that 2020 has introduced us to. While there has been a massive shift in all walks of life, education took a back seat for a while too. Kids of all ages, across the world, are experiencing this iconic form of learning and development.  Teaching your children at home is an extremely challenging yet rewarding experience. What is essential to this whole process is creating a space for your kids that serves as the perfect backdrop for them to concentrate. We, at OK Play Toys India, specialise in designing and creating school furniture for your little toddlers that foster growth via vibrant designs and colours.

We took time to rethink and design special furniture for kids who are virtually connected to learning but need an environment for the experiential learning. The ideal way to deliver an outstanding education for your children is by fostering an environment that promotes learning. Here are a few ways you can excel at homeschooling your kids:

1.  The Perfect School Space with our Wooden Series 

It is very easy for kids to get lazy when they end up attending classes online from their beds. While this may be an extremely comfortable space for your kids, it is essential to create a conducive space for learning. Creating a dedicated learning space can make it easier for children to concentrate on schoolwork. Our wooden series is specially designed to suit any space and transform the same into a classroom. Leaf themed tables to wooden dual desks, these fit perfectly to get your kid concentrate.  

2.  Add a personalised touch with Cute Chairs 

Even though kids are adjusting to this new climate, it is important to pay attention to the details. Among the long list of things, ensuring that the windows allow natural light into the room is an important one. While kids may not want to sit in chairs all day, the best is to personalise those chairs with their favourite objects. Our cute chairs series include clouds, castle, dino & robo themed chairs, perfect to get your kids’ motivations up.

3.  Make the space fun with our Collaborative Series

Making the space inviting is another fun thing that you can do to make your kids learn better. Companionship is key to any kid’s learning experience and while people are staying afar, you can be the friend that they need. If you have more than one kid in the house, our collaborative series is for you. Specially crafted in varied colours and different structures, our series is rich with sturdy frames. 

4.  Don’t Forget the Play Area 

Don’t forget to create an area where they can relax and chill as a part of their break time. With little bikes, sports and other games available on our website, create a space to encourage activity and movement. Afterall, all work no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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India, a Toy Manufacturing Hub

Fulfilling our Hon’ble PMO’s Vision of India being a Toy Manufacturing Hub

One of the fundamental joys of childhood is the memory of receiving toys on birthdays, or when relatives visit or you visit some strange land for a vacation. The toy industry in India has been present for over centuries with the first sign of toys dating back to the Mohejodaro and Harappa civilisations. Toys are not just a part of the fun but also teach children many important values and morals along with improving their motor skills and creativity. The development of the child’s mind is highly dependent on toys, such that most playschools and preschoolers are often just given a bunch of different toys to help improve their skills and inculcate values in them like sharing, caring for belongings and more.

[mkdf_blockquote text=”“There has been a rich tradition of local toys in our country.””]

Today, the value of the global toy industry is 7 lakh crore rupees and despite India having a rich culture and history of arts & crafts that produced some great toys, our contribution to this industry is minimal. As our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Narendra Modi said, India should be working towards contributing to this market with our innovative toys made from clay, leather, stone, wood, plastic and more from different parts of the country.

Owing to the pandemic, the toy industry has taken a major hit as 85% of the unbranded toys come from China. The restrictions on import from China have caused a severe shortage in the toy industry. However, it has also given an opportunity for Indian brands to grow. With a young population of 1.3 billion people in our country, India has the market to cater to with a budding toy industry. With a rich history and culture, we have the scope to create special toys that can cater to the Indian and global industry. The technological developments in the last few years also allows us to now become a manufacturing hub of toys. The focus is on the use of technology and innovation to create toys that meet the global standards.

In recent times, China has taken over as the biggest supplier of toys for boys and girls worldwide. However, as mentioned by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, India does have the resources and the creativity to create the best toys and play a bigger role in the toy industry worldwide as well as contribute to the AatmaNirbhar Bharat campaign of the government. OK Play India is one such company that has been manufacturing and selling toys in India for almost the past three decades. With two sprawling factories located in Sohna, Haryana and Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, we’re a team of 500+ people who create toys that meet international standards and continue to strive to make our Indian toys a global name. To know more about us or check out our collection, visit www.okplay.in.

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