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Visually Impaired Children: Designing A Playground

A playground should be an area to engage and stimulate all types of kids. Kids should get the opportunity to explore new surroundings and develop physical, mental, and social skills. But is this possible for visually impaired children? They also need similar exposure and should not be deprived of the same opportunities.

As their world is quite different, it becomes essential to design kids outdoor play equipment in playground area for the blind and visually impaired that caters to their needs.

How to Design a Playground for Visually Impaired Children?

In the current article, we will be discussing the various ways to design engaging playgrounds for visually impaired children.

Textured Elements

Introducing textured elements in the playground helps the visually impaired kids feel and stimulates their sense of touch. Introduce sensory maze to encourage teamwork and to solve problems through touching.

Include Braille or use sections with bumps, grooves, or rough textures. Such surfaces will create interest and help them to differentiate the equipment. Rubber timbers with smoothed tops can act as stimulants. All these modifications should be done at ground level so that it is accessible to all kids.

Tactile Play Area

Water structures and sandboxes are some excellent kids outdoor play equipment to incorporate new material for their experience.

Safer Boundaries

Safety boundaries include the playground circumference as well as the areas covering the play space. Boundaries should be designed so that the visually impaired can easily recognize them by touching them.

For example, put fences as these children prefer to trace their fingers along a surface to recognise it as the playground boundary. Dangerous areas within the playground, like swing sets or slides, can have a different texture.

Apply textures with which they can relate. Guidewires and rails, if applied, can also help the children to move freely in the playground area. Paint the playground equipment, especially the edges of steps, slides, and other surfaces, with yellow colour making it easier for kids with low visibility to identify from a distance.

Install Sensory Play

Apply bells or chimes on the fence to encourage sensory play. Avoid too many sensory stimuli as it becomes difficult for a child to explore an area.

Smell Stimulation

Create a sensory garden filled with plants and flowers with distinct and pleasant smells such as lavender, mint, and roses. A sensory garden stimulates all the senses like hearing, smelling, and touching.

Hearing is stimulated through the rattling sound of seedpods or tall, rustly grass. You can choose few edible plants like chives or tomatoes.

Sound Stimulation

Nowadays, outdoor play equipment manufacturers focus on musical instruments like xylophones and windchimes. It is used as an effective tool to create a sound used as a location signal. The sound characteristic can distinguish between different segments of the playground.

Quiet Play Area

Children with autism often prefer to play alone, creating games, other special equipment, and opportunities for such types of kids.

For example, a domed structure with holes can be an area for solo play with privacy inside. Attaching props like chains, knob or latches creates accessible games for the visually impaired, thereby encouraging social interaction and communication.

Stationary Beepers

Introduce stationary beepers to mark goals or fixtures. Beeper boxes can be used to mark finish lines. A beeper ball can be used to lay games like T-balls and beep baseball.

Specially Designed Swings

To make the playground more visually impaired friendly, outdoor play equipment manufacturers introduce wheelchair swings raised beds at wheelchair height and moving bridge to provide a different experience to blind kids.

Easy Accessibility

Incorporate a raised sandbox to accommodate kids in a wheelchair to play. Seating areas like benches or picnic tables should accommodate both the guardian and disabled children.


Visually impaired children should be encouraged to use their other senses to play and learn. It should not become a hindrance to the child’s development; by following the above guidelines, designing an interactive playground by installing kids outdoor play equipment is essential for the healthy development of these kids. kids outdoor play equipment serves as the top kid’s outdoor play equipment manufacturers; you can visit them and browse through their incredible product range.

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Learning Environment for Kids in Outdoor Play

Entertaining children and keeping them engrossed in learning activities can become tricky for parents. Moreover, when all those kids want to play online or surf the internet in current times. This situation calls for more significant efforts at creating a comprehensive outdoor learning atmosphere for our kids.

Children who often play outdoors are more active, happier, and healthier. Encouraging them to play outdoors will require some effort. Therefore, investing in sturdy and functional playing equipment for the outdoors can help kids love being outdoors for their daily playtime. Outdoor play equipment pieces are sure to kindle kid’s interest to be outdoors to play.

Exciting Play Equipment and Games to Play Outdoors

Children experience the environment around them differently than adults. Some outdoor play equipment and toys enhance their interaction by allowing them to manipulate their surroundings as they like. Here is a list of some incredible playing equipment options for the outdoors.

Outdoor Play Fun Station

Outdoor Play is not limited to what it used to be in the past, classic swings and see-saw at maximum. All-in-one fun stations can very well become children’s favourite outdoor activities and past-time. Fun stations are designed with durable materials with galvanised pipes and UV stabilised plastic components.

Outdoor play equipment like fun stations combines safety, exciting rides, and a fun learning environment for kids. On top of it, these play station comes in fascinating themes and designs too. Choose from the best. The components come with non-toxic and fire-resistant materials. Having no sharp edges and rough metal surfaces makes them the best deal for kids. The numerous themes of the exciting collection make having outdoor equipment more fun for everyone. Check out the exciting shapes and themes of these all in-one fun stations.

The Dinosaur Collection

Check out numerous designs of the Dino Collection with colourful dinosaur adorning the fun station. The colourful and sheer giant size of the fixtures instantly becomes the kids’ favourite. The colour-coordinated design is available on the size and features of the outdoor play equipment.

The Nature Collection

The nature collection is inspired by nature theme fixtures and coordinating colours and effects. Find attractive flowers and trees in distinct designs. Enjoy hut house theme with animals like octopus and frog shape fixtures.

The Castle Collection

Royal lifestyle and castle are probably the most favourite theme among children for play equipment. The elegant castle theme suits outdoor play with numerous castle designs with fort and chateau shape. The shapes of this outdoor equipment accompany flags on the top.

The Robot Collection

Get futuristic with the eclectic robotic design of the robot collection of outdoor play equipment. Robotic shapes and antennas assure to become children’s favourite outdoor equipment to play. Choose from various robotic designs with the virtual inspiration behind their designs.

Stand Alone Equipment

Stand-alone equipment presents a whole lot of opportunities for kids in outdoor games. Unique shapes and designs are sure to catch kids’ attention. Unique spring-based riders in the innumerable design are perfect for kids at a young age. The infamous merry-go-round is always popular among children. Having these stand-alone designs, along with other equipment or alone, is going to attract kids to play outdoors.

Here some of the exceptional shapes and designs that one can choose for outdoor play in a combination of others or alone.

  • Zig-Zag Climber
  • Animating shape rider in exciting shapes of fish, elephant, rabbit, bike, horse, etcetera.
  • Merry Go Round
  • Sea-Saw
  • Stepping stones
  • Monkey bar
  • Swing

Why Go Outdoors?

Climbing, getting messy with the soil or sand, learning to swing, and balancing on a spinning merry-goround will give a comprehensive playing environment. Put some outdoor playing equipment that brings functional features without compromising on quality and safety. Outdoor equipment comes in world-class quality and materials with features like roto-moulding, no sharp edges, UV-safe colours, to name a few.

Children enjoy using play equipment of their choice, and exciting shapes are sure to keep their attention engrossed. Give kids a reason to spend their evenings in interactive fun and learning along with better health. Outdoor equipment should provide safety while being fun to play for kids. Give children reason to enjoy their playing time when outdoors even more with fun stations and stand-alone equipment.


Kids often get enough of one style of playing or indoor games, which can become monotonous for them. Current times when children have access to technology and entertainment right on their fingerprints call for changing children’s lifestyle. Offer your children reason to connect with healthy playing habits by giving them outdoor playing experiences. For innovative outdoor play equipment toys, you can check