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How To Keep Your Kid Entertained On Rainy Days

Kids can be a handful to keep happy and content on a rainy day with indoor play toys. Indoor games and play equipment can change their gloomy day into a fun-frolic day for kids. Choose from the best quirky equipment and games for children’s engaging playing time indoors. Who said you have to go outdoors only to have fun and engaging playtime with your kids?

When the kids are indoors, be it for any reason, they are going to be restless. Nobody wants to see their kids lying with long sad faces on the couch. So, you will have to go the extra mile to catch their attention and a little love to have fun with them on a bone-chilling day. Choose from the best games and toys.

Indoor Play Toys

Indoor games and fun stations can offer hours of play and fun for your kids and grown-ups alike. Here are some of the cool equipment and games you can choose to have for indoor entertainment.

Indoor Toys & Games

Make most of their time by grabbing some best indoor play items for kids, like puzzles and toys. Make sure to look for non-toxic designs that are durable. Ensure the games and toys you choose help the development of skills like the cognitive or motor skills of your kids.

Indoor Play Fun Station

Indoor play fun stations in various exciting themes are a perfect match for playing indoors with the same amount of fun and zeal outdoors. Choose from fun stations that are Roto Moulded to form exciting shapes of plastic components fit for the kids’ playing purposes.

Choose a shape and size that fits your indoor area. These fun stations combine various play formats like climbing a ladder along with walk-through tunnels and slides. The colourful and durable design of the equipment is sure to entice your children to spend hours playing.

Single slides and Rides

It is true outdoors allows the children to have fun with bigger and more versatile machines and equipment. But, a smaller yet similar design can make the kids have more interactive fun playing time. Single unit slides or rides come in all shapes and sizes that are fit for varied ages. The design of smaller slides and indoor equipment is perfect for indoor play with their specially designed stable structures. The design comes in various colours and environmentally friendly materials with the best safety standards. Choose from colourful rockers, baby slides, indoor swings, etc.


Let your children indulge in their creative sides by choosing special equipment such as an easel for writing, drawing, and sketching while indoors. Easel is perfect for children to create masterpieces of art-work from a tender young age. Create more opportunities for learning and creative fun for your kids to enjoy their time indoors. No sharp edges and sturdy design of these easels are sure to provide hours
of indulgence.


Investing in a few pieces of indoor play toys and equipment can save you from being on your toes to keep your kid happy. Days at home with no alternative to go out and play should not become boring for your children. Let them make use of fun and learning games to build newfound memories. Try pieces of gaming equipment and toys to stimulate children’s creative brains and abilities. Try games from the above list to stimulate your creative brains. has numerous indoor play toys for kids; you can browse through the range of products & select the best for your kid.

Best Indoor Toys for Toddlers at OK Play

Learn About The Smart Toys For Every Age

Choosing toys is easy; you can go and pick up a doll or a car, and so on. But selecting smart toys can be time-consuming. Why do your kids need smart toys? Will that make a difference in your child’s behaviour and growth? The answer is yes. You can nurture smart kids. Children always learn something new while playing. So, it is better to give them some clever toys to help them with learning.

Children always explore everything that they come across. It is through touching they learn if something is soft or hard. Moreover, they taste, throw and shake things. Even several toys company in India are evolving with modern design and innovative ideas to bring the best for kids. So, what are the best smart toys you can gift your kids? Find out some of the best Smart Toys for Kids below.

Types of Smart Toys for Babies
1 – Mirrors

You might have noticed kids love to watch themselves in the mirror. They devote a lot of time sitting in front of the mirror, raising their hands, laughing, making faces, and move around to see how they move in the mirror. They even touch the mirror and see if there is someone in real. So, get a baby mirror and fix it in the bedroom and they can watch themselves every day and see the changes in their body.

2 – Push & Pull Toys

When your baby starts crawling, the push & pull toys can help them in maintaining balance. It can also develop their muscles as they use their hands and legs to push and pull the toys. Once they start walking, they can use these same toys to control quick movements.

3 – Ring Stacker

This toy can teach your kids about colours and sizes. Almost all babies have this toy in their collection. They love holding and biting those rings, and they learn to stack the loops according to the sizes. A ring stacker can enhance your kid’s fine motor skills. As they become toddlers, they will start counting the rings and can identify different colours.

Types of Smart Toys for Toddlers
1 – Shape Sorting Toys

These toys come in various colours, shapes, and patterns. Kids can identify the appearance of an object and put the pieces into holes with a similar shape. This toy is the best to improve the hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skill of your kid.

2 – Toy Sets with Many Pieces

It is easy to develop your child’s fine motor skills and problem-solving skills with busy toy sets. Consider getting toys with knobs, levers, or you can even get a tool kit available for kids to play with.

3 – Balls

With the help of balls, you can promote your child’s hand-eye coordination when they throw and catch the ball. Always choose balls that are soft and do not have any sharp objects on them. Make them roll, bounce, throw and catch the ball every day.


Kids use all their five senses to learn about a new thing they get. There are many other smart toys like puzzles, art and craft sets, building blocks, board games, musical instruments, and many more. Select from the best toy company in India for your kids and let them enjoy trying out new things every time they play. For some innovative toy ideas, you can browse through